Meredith Whitlow

Meredith Whitlow is a native of Mooresville, NC and is a board certified Music Therapist.  She started a private practice called Rejoice Music Therapy to serve Mooresville and surrounding areas.  She stays very busy with all kinds of things like a side sewing business (totally word of mouth), being a Boy Scout parent/leader, singing in the choir and as a soloist at church, and trying to put recordings of herself playing guitar and singing on  her YouTube channel (totally for fun and not professionally mixed or anything). She’s recently self-published an e-book, a music therapy resource, called All Together Now and is working on a second. She’s also pursuing a Master’s degree in Music Therapy online at Colorado State University, which she is scheduled to complete December 2021.  Meredith loves the NC mountains and will go any chance she gets and specifically loves the plants, animals, rivers, music, and culture that is found there.

Q: Please tell us a little bit about your family.
I am married to my wonderful husband, Bryan, who is a Deputy Sheriff and we have two boys, 15 and 16. The boys are just about to turn 16 and 17. They are all boy, so we always have fishing poles, dirt bikes, tires, tools, and who knows what else laying around. We have the most rotten cat in the world, who we rescued a couple of years ago. His name is Ricky Bobby and he only has three teeth. Bless his little heart.

Q: Please tell us about your current, past, or future career. What do you love most about what you do?
I graduated from Mooresville in 94 and went to UNCG for Vocal Performance, then taught some and sang with an opera company for a few years. This was all before I even knew music therapy was a thing. Once I found out about it, I went back to school (ten years after high school) and got my degree in Music Therapy. I LOVE it! What I love most about it is that I can use my true passion music, to bring about real change and help maintain people’s health in my everyday work. However, I have found that in general most people do not know what music therapy is or think it is all volunteer/teaching/entertainment. It is a true legit healthcare profession. I want badly to promote and grow my business so that more people have access to service. I would love to be able to hire other Music Therapists.

Q: What is your favorite restaurant in Lake Norman?*
I think I would say Epic Chop House in Mooresville on Main Street.

Q: How long have you lived or worked in Lake Norman?*
I was born in Mooresville at Lowrance Hospital in 1976. I lived in Charlotte very briefly in 2000 (maybe 2 years) and have worked the last 3 years in Alexander County (even though I live in Mooresville) in a full time Music Therapist position. That job ended due to Covid-19. Aside from those few years I’ve always been here.

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?*
I think I’d like to go out west and see the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, a real desert, and just parts of America I’ve never seen. I think it would be fun to take an RV trip and do that.

Q: What advice would you give to people?
Trust in the Lord and teach your children to do the same!

Q: What is something on your bucket list?
I want to look back at my life and know I’ve done my best to follow Jesus and that my son has been able to see that.

Q: Do you have any pets? Tell us about them!
Ricky Bobby is our rotten little “toothless” cat. He actually has 3 teeth due to a dental disease. He’s as friendly as a puppy and chews on a blanket that he tries to drag around. I’ve never seen a cat like him. We rescued him a couple of years ago as a stray.

Q: If someone was visiting Lake Norman for the first time, what’s one thing you would tell them they HAVE to do here on their trip?
I would say they need to come to downtown Mooresville. Start at D.E. Turner’s Hardware and have them tell you their history. Go hear live Bluegrass music at Richard’s Coffee Shop (they need to open back up from Covid-19); see the Depot which functions as the Mooresville Artists’ Guild; see the old, original part of the Mooresville Public Library which is the Special Collections wing; eat at The What-a-burger on Main Street; and get Deluxe Ice Cream on Broad Street.

Q: What is something interesting that most people don’t know about you?*
I was Miss Mooresville Senior High School 93-94.

Q: What is your favorite pizza topping?
Banana peppers

Q: Who inspires you to be better?
My son

Q: Finally, what would be your #1 “wish list” feature for your dream house?
A Music Therapy studio